The Barbell Collective

Get strong AF without obsessing over what you look like.

You're probably tired. There's no way it's just me.

But lifting & movement is an important outlet for you.

Maybe you're more inconsistent than ever.
If we're being honest... me, too.

You're stuck somewhere between wanting to lift and wondering what's too much, what's not enough, and wondering if there's a way to get paid to nap.

You know a sane approach to lifting is void of "all or nothing", but after the past 12+ months, even the middle ground of doing "something" feels harder than usual to manage.

You want to feel confident in your gym routine- there's simply not enough energy to waste worrying, wondering, & guessing your way through.

You want something that meets you where you're at each day, week after week.

You want to know that you have the option to go hard if you're well rested, or pull back if you're tired.

Maybe you're feeling bored by your usual lifting routine.
Maybe you're sick of waiting for your next bout of motivation to strike so you can get back to it.

If you're already getting into the gym, you might as well make sure it's worth your time.

If we're being honest, you and your body are at odds right now.

You're feeling more diet thoughts creep up, you're having more bad body image days than usual.

You want to lift and move and feel strong and reconnected to your body without the pressure of intentional weight loss or another obsessive aesthetic pursuit.

You want to know that your limited brain space and energy that you're spending on your workouts aren't for naught.

Imagine being able to outsource all of the thinking of your lifting routine and know that what you're doing is exactly what you need today.

Imagine having someone figure out the logistics for you, so that all you have to do is show up, open an app, and get to work in a way that honors today's biofeedback without wasting your precious time and energy.

Imagine having a lifting program that has both structure and fluidity that you have options for both the good days and the not-so-good days.

Imagine working with a coach and an entire community that are committed to working together to help you and the collective-whole pursue strength and conditioning without the added pressure of an obsessive aesthetic pursuit.

Imagine being able to heal your body image without sacrificing what you love: lifting.


Imagine being able to outsource the most complicated parts of your workouts so you can focus on what matters.


How much more brain space would you have for the other important things in your life if you never had to try and piece it together yourself again?


Your Solution: The Barbell Collective


TBC only opens for enrollment a few times each year.

Is your time now?  

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The Barbell Collective is not "just another" workout option for you

Here are just a few things I want you to ask yourself about any previous program you've purchased or coach you've hired:

-Do you know why your squat ROM is suffering and what to do about it?

-Do you know why your muscle is cramping? (HINT: No, you are not dehydrated and you do not need to eat "more bananas")

-Are you still trying to fix every ache and pain with a foam roller, a fancy massage gun, or shoving a lacrosse ball into everything?

-Do you know what it means when your big toe pops up during a Kettlebell swing or a squat and why it matters?

-Do you know how to breathe when you're lifting? What about when you're at rest? It matters.

-Do you know what movement prep is? How to do it? Why you're doing it?

-Do you know that, while it feels good, stretching isn't really as important as you've been taught to believe? Like, it's really not helping you mitigate injuries. Do you know what does? You should.

-Not everything needs to be HIIT in order for it to "work." In fact, a relentless pursuit of high intensity is likely working against you long term.

You should know all these things.

Your fitness coach should know these things. 

 I strongly believe that fitness professionals (pErSoNaL tRaIneRrrRs) are wildly under-educated about the human body, performance, movement quality, & recovery and have zero idea how to actually coach humans.

And you've likely fallen victim to that over and over again.

You should know why your body is doing what it's doing- your coach should be able to teach you this.

You should know what pain is, what it isn't, and why you're experiencing it.

You should know why you're doing what you're doing and how to do it.

You should know when and how to rest and what its purpose is.

And that's just the beginning.


The Barbell Collective blends the three things missing from other programs:



The TBC programming is consulting.

That's what makes it so simple for you.

Do this, this, this, and this and here is how.

But- then we bring in coaching & community.

You're going to:

-Experience back pain and be unsure how to navigate it

-Have a bad body image day/week/month- and want support

-Have a run-in with your diet-culture obsessed and super annoying co-worker and want to know why you're so triggered

-Want a form-check for your pull-ups. They feel weird, but do they look ok? 

The Barbell Collective is unlike any other program out there- because it blends coaching, community, and consulting. I can bet you've never experienced the infusion of all 3 within one program.

TBC is for you if....


-You could probably keep winging it on your own because you're not totally a gym-newbie but you know you could spend your time/energy elsewhere

-You keep telling yourself you don't need accountability but... here we are. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me 😉 

-Feel like you should be working out more than you do, but aren't sure what to do or if it'll be worth it

-You KNOW there's a lot of BS out there, so you're nervous that this will be "just another BS workout program"

-You want a convenient, all-in-one program that includes warm-ups, mobility work, strength and conditioning all in one spot

-Don't like to feel like you're wasting your time in the gym, which sometimes leaves you skipping it all together because you're not quite sure what to do 

-You want to work hard and push hard, but don't want to spend every free moment trapped in the gym

-you know the basics of lifting with a barbell and other modalities. You've spent at least 1 year working with a barbell (either on your own or with a trainer) performing back squats, deadlifts, bench press, and overhead press.

-you are not new to navigating a weight room. You know where the lat pull down machine is and how to use it.



How it works:

The Barbell Collective
is a monthly membership program.

Most TBC members have been a part of TBC for over 24-months. You may decide cut loose after the two training blocks end, but I feel like you'll love it so much you'll stick around for months to come 🙂

7 workouts per week are uploaded into your TrueCoach app. You'll have the option to choose which workout to do each day based on your individual biofeedback.

TBC functions off of 3 workouts per week, but with our new G/Y/R system, you'll have the ability to mix and match and incorporate more recovery into your week if you need it while choosing from different intensity options to meet you where you're at, day in and day out.

TBC includes a private facebook community for coaching and community as well as personalized form checks sent to you via TrueCoach for when you need them.


Thinking about your workouts should not be confusing or stressful

Ready yet?

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"Is it worth it? Can't I get workouts for free?"

Yep! You could totally keep getting workouts for free or figuring it out on your own.

But you're probably dead-ass sick and tired of feeling like you keep starting over and over again and getting nowhere pretty fast.

Free workouts aren't free- they're costing you a whole bunch. They're costing you progress, time, sanity, accountability, consistency.

How much stronger would you be had you not been taking the "free" route all this time?

Something crazy happens when we invest in the things we keep saying are important to us. And here's the craziest part: TBC will not cost you an arm and a leg. Is it an investment? Of course. Will it cost you your peace? No way. No brainer.

Imagine having someone in your corner, sending you form checks- telling you what to tweak, how to breath, and reminding you that you're never behind.

When you enjoy your workouts, and don't have to spend one minute or one ounce of energy trying to piece together what the heck to do that day- you can focus on your movements, your energy, your form- and you will be more consistent than ever. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

What the ladies of TBC are saying:

"....Best thing ever! I would pay so much more for all you give us! Physically, mentally, the whole gamut!"

"It is so freaking good. I haven't once felt guilt, urgency, or the need to make up because I know I'm doing what I can each day and my compliance has gone way up! It meets me right where I'm at each week and I love it!"


"I was starting to beat myself up over being so "behind" with my workouts, then I flipped my thinking around. Out of the 10 (almost 11) months I've been a member of TBC, I've completed 7 months worth of workouts- and it wouldn't be possible without this supportive community."



Yes! Or a substantial home gym with multiple dumbells, a barball, squat rack, a bench, bands, and stability ball.

Take a peek inside the app!