the barbell collective

smarter fitness. bigger purpose.

what's your purpose?

Having a strong, athletic, and capable body that can withstand the demands of my life allows me to run multiple businesses, combat sitting in front of a screen all day, and have the fitness I need to run, jump, kayak, climb, hike, push, pull, and live inside of my life instead of around it.

I don’t have time to waste doing fitness that just makes me tired, sweaty, and sore. 

I need my fitness to have as much purpose as my real life does.

You probably do, too.

The barbell collective is a highly customizable strength and conditioning program for active women who thrive under the care of a coach.

We care deeply about your fitness experience.

Our rates reflect our desire to build longterm, affordable relationships with our clients.

Spots open a few times each year-
waitlist gets first dibs.

don't need a coach?

lift on your own