120: Get It Together! A Time Management Episode

I know, I know- you’re sick of hearing “we all have the same 24 hours in the day.” Honestly- we don’t. If you commute really far to work, have young kids, are a single parent, or working two full-time jobs to make ends meet, are a caretaker to someone who is sick- your day is PACKED and your energy is in the tank. I GET IT! That’s not who this episode is for.

This episode is for the people who truly believe they have no time… but they do. I worked with a woman once who swore to high heaven that she had no time. She was just soooo busy. Too busy to go grocery shopping on the weekends, too busy to go for a walk after work. Yet, each and every week, she’d tell me about the shows she was caught up on- sometimes even 16-hour Netflix benders on both Saturday AND Sunday! Lady, you’ve got the time- you just don’t have the priorities.

I’m not saying you have to want to spend your time like I do. Hell, you don’t have to spend your time any differently at all if you don’t want to! But! But… if you keep saying that you wish you could do “xyz” but you “don’t have the time”- then this episode is for you.

I am all about setting pretty lofty goals. I am also a glutton for pain in that I seem to like to keep myself pretty busy (check my real life schedule out- the link is below!) but these goals require commitments, sacrifices, and some pretty crafty time management skills.

Aside from that, in this episode, I cover why it’s hard to prioritize our time that’s conducive to our goals. It’s not because you’re lazy, it’s actually something far more complex than that!

I’m not a lazy person by any means, but I can’t seem to “find the time” to wash my hair OR stay super organized. Why is that!? Tune in to this episode to find out what’s stopping you from doing the things that you want to do- especially if you catch yourself often saying “I don’t have time!”

You can grab your time-management templates here then following the instructions that pop up once you click the link! 

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