110: Online Programs & Coaches – What To Consider

Recently, a very popular online influencer is under fire for scamming thousands of women out of the services they paid for which has amounted to well over $1million dollars of services paid for and never rendered.

For someone like myself, as well as other online coaches and business owners with a lot of integrity, this leaves a really bad taste in our mouths- as I’m sure it does for lots of consumers.

Buying from anyone online requires (at least it should!) a lot of trust. So, what should you look out for before you spend the time and money on an online program or coach? This episode walks you through some of the things that you may have never even thought of before, INCLUDING:

  • Make sure whoever you’re hiring is not only credentialed, but qualified.
  • Make sure they’re not selling their genetics as something they can coach you through. THIS IS A BIG ONE!

Full transparency: I *do* have an online program launching to the public soon. I *do* make a portion of my living coaching women online. And I feel that it is my duty to serve each of them from a place of honesty, integrity, passion, and lots of love.

The Confidence Collective, an online strength training membership, will be open for Public registration in March. To read more about it, you can go here.


Breakfast Pizza

  • Take cauliflower pizza crust and cook according to package.
  • After it is cooked, add a base layer of cream cheese (you can omit this if you’d like, or use something entirely different as your base layer!)
  • Scramble eggs on the side, then add them on top of the crust with bacon bits and a little bit of cheese.
  • Put the pizza back into the oven until the cheese is melted, then top with arugula or spinach.
  • ENJOY!


  • Do a 250 meter row, as hard and fast as possible.
  • Rest for 1 minute.
  • Repeat 6 times.


the barbell collective

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