fitness that

feels good

for the

long haul

proudly reintroducing iron phoenix strength club

designed to enrich the fullness of your life

hey, i'm christina

and I’ve been doing this whole fitness thing for while.

I found the weight room when I was 10,

struggled with body dysmorphia and various

eating disorders for years,

got a few degrees related to exercise, human biology,

and biomechanics,

a few certifications related to nutrition & eating,

and had the pleasure of working with thousands of women

since officially starting my personal training business 

in 2012.

In 2017 I stopped helping women 

lose weight on purpose.

In 2021, I would struggle with

depression amidst a series of really

big life changes that would 

change the way I relate to, teach, and

facilitate fitness forever.

This is the next chapter-

this is where fitness fits into

the full, chaotic mess that

is life in your 30s and beyond

A virtual gym for women who know fitness is just the beginning of a life well lived.

Iron Phoenix is a virtual gym membership that blends 4 of the most important elements required to integrate fitness into your life for the long haul:


-fitness (obvi)


-self reflection



iron phoenix is for women who love the magic of fitness but don’t want to center their entire life aroud the gym forever

at iron phoenix, you can expect to:

fall in love with the process again:

our wise but never boring approach uses a blend of training methods from practices like body building, powerlifting, cross fit, and yoga.




We prioritize the science of human movement over the bias of specific sport for a truly unique and well rounded approach to fitness and movement that feels good for the long haul

Workouts are sent straight to your phone using a free-to-you app called TrueCoach.



become the genius of your own body:

You love feeling smart, being in control of your body, but don’t love waiting around for someone to tell you what to do- you want to know what to do on your own.


I provide the resources and the tools.

You learn at your own pace.


You become the genius of your own body.



Our self-paced classroom component cuts through the noise to fill in the most important gaps in your body education.

learn how to coach yourself:

We teach you how to coach yourself through your biggest mindset blocks, identify recurring patterns, and learning how to sit with uncomfortable feelings so that you’ll always know how to get out of your own way.


Warning: this is not “positive vibes only” space.

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