fitness, education, and mindset- all under one roof, 

with one purpose:

guiding you back to your body's wild wisdom

Iron Phoenix is a virtual gym space for women who take their health and fitness seriously but don’t want to dedicate hours upon hours to their workouts each week forever.


You might be getting back into it after the shit show that was 2020 (like me)

or looking for something that makes logical sense in your life for the long haul.


Iron Phoenix was created with your real life in mind, 

because most of

the magic is found outside of the gym’s walls.

fitness is just the beginning of a life well lived

Iron phoenix guides you to:

fall in love with the process again:

Our wise but not boring approach uses a proprietary blend of training methods and philosophies like:


Strength and conditioning, body building, Crossfit, Strongman, Powerlifting, FRC, Yoga, MovNat, RKC, and Animal Flow

What we do best:

We prioritize the science of human movement over the bias of specific sport for a truly unique approach to fitness and movement that feels good for the long haul

Become the genius of your body:

You love feeling smart and are endlessly curious about the human body.


You don’t love waiting around for someone to tell you what to do-

you want to know what to do for yourself on your own.



I provide the resources and the tools.

You learn at your own pace.


You become the genius of your own body.



Our self-paced classroom component cuts through the noise & fills in the most important gaps in your education so you can become the smartest person (or trainer!)  you know when it comes to your own body.

learn how to coach yourself:

We teaches you how to coach yourself through your biggest mindset blocks,

identify recurring patterns,

and teaches you how to sit with uncomfortable feelings so that you’ll

always know how to get out of your own way- whether you have a coach, are following a program, or not.


warning: this is not “positive vibes only” coaching.

we offer 3 membership options designed to move with the fullness of your real life

3 tracks to choose from:

track 1:

track 2:

track 3:

includes access to:


-our basic programming which includes:


2 strength workouts

2 conditioning workouts

per week



you also get:


-access to the self-paced, on-demand educational library

-access to the Iron Phoenix community and coaches in a private Facebook group

-monthly check-ins with a coach

includes access to:


-everything from Track 1




-ability to add additional programs to your calendar every 4 weeks or once monthly


add-on program options include:
-mobility track


-endurance Base Building 1 & 2

-5K training 1 & 2

-10K training 1 & 2


includes access to:


-everything from Track 1 & 2







weekly check-ins with a coach

-access to 2x/monthly form checks

-ability to semi-customize your workout calendar

All tracks require an initial 3-month commitment. After your first 3 months, your account becomes month-to-month and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

You may upgrade your account at any time. 

The training program

all of the Iron Phoenix Strength Club programming includes a nondenominational approach.


This means all lifting programs include an eclectic blend of different fitness methods and philosophies, including but not limited to:


body building, power lifting, crossfit, yoga, and movnat concepts, for a fresh, never boring approach to fitness and movement.


The class room

take a peek at The Library so far!


the community

This is like the group discussion portion of the classroom.


Your real life is the test track.

The court.

The field.

The lab.


It’s messy.




The Iron Phoenix community is the watering hole.

It’s a wider path in the woods.

A bench to rest along the trek.


The Iron Phoenix Community is hosted in a Facebook group.

There are guidelines, rules, and high expectations of the group- meaning,

it won’t become a place of spam, boredom, and overwhelm.


It will be a place of solace…

if that kind of thing can exist on a screen.

But, I promise it kinda can.

iron phoenix was designed with you mind if:

-you may or may not be a trainer, coach, or a student of exercise science, human movement, and program design


-you’re already in the habit of going to the gym. You have at least 5+ years history of navigating workouts and gym spaces at least semi-independently


-you enjoy working out independently and aren’t looking for live sessions or live feedback


-you know how to read a workout program (it’s written pretty straight forward! But, you will need to know the basics of understanding how to read a workout- sets, reps, rest times, etc.)


-you love finding new and deeper meanings to things in order to keep yourself engaged


-you’re kinda obsessed with personal development work, love learning about yourself and why you are the way you are


-you’ve considered using your relationship to movement as a mirror to your relationship to other things (like yourself, your relationships, your bank



-you keep buying resources where the end goal is to FEEL BETTER, and DO BETTER, and SHARE ALL YOUR WINS, so you kinda feel like you’re fucking it up UNLESS it’s always magical (which, it is, but- not always, ya know?)


you feel like you give the best advice and therefore don’t need any for yourself or no one else’s advice lands for you


-you may have a harsh inner critic who on the one hand knows you’re awesome, but on the other hand, doesn’t take kindly to any of your shortcomings or mistakes. You may then blame it on your enneagram number, the moon, the stars, or your attachment style, which feels good in the moment but doesn’t provide any room for reflection or growth (yikes, I know.)


Here, we look at ALL of that.

We just happen to do all that alongside a workout program to help facilitate an (eventually) deeper conversation.