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a strength and conditioning program for seasoned gym-goers and former athletes who know what they're doing but don't love writing their own workouts

get in, get out, get on with your to-do list

We help you do more of the stuff that matters and less of the stuff that doesn't so you can spend less time over-thinking & more time getting it done.

What could you do if you weren't using so much time & energy worrying about what you should be doing?

Take it from me, I know just how energy sucking writing your own workouts is.
You’ve got clients to program for, sessions to facilitate, and a life to squeeze in.

As a former competitive athlete and highly-seasoned  gym go-er myself, I know first hand just how important it is to have a solid program appear as if from nowhere right in your hands without having to lift a finger. 



TBC DIY is like a magical fitness fairy that does all the thinking for you, so you have more space
to think about everything else that’s on your plate.


You no longer have to make it up as you go. 

You don’t have to worry if you’re doing too much or not enough.

You just have to put your headphones in, open an app, and get to work.

Our DIY programs are created for former competitive athletes, seasoned gym goers, or  personal trainers looking to outsource their own training.

Our training approach:

I write programming with over 15 years of training experience using an eclectic blend of styles & methods.


We use a variety of modalities including barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, and some cable work.



We integrate different methodologies including powerlifting, body building, Cross-Fit concepts, MovNat, RKC, and FRC.



You can expect to work and train across different metabolic pathways for a well-rounded & seldom boring approach.

diy is for you if:

  • you know what you’re doing & don’t need accountability to get it done
  • you tend to get bored when following your own program & know you won’t program the stuff you need most

  • you know your way around a gym and are comfortable with multiple modalities such as barbells, dumbbells, & kettlebells

  • you love food, eat carbs, and know that eating is the key to high quality movement, strength gains, and recovery

what you get:

  • 4 strength sessions + 2 conditioning session per week
  • warm-up and mobility included in each session
  • new block of training every 4
  • access to an exclusive library of on-demand educational fitness resources
  • what you don’t get access to is the community where coaching (not exercise Rx) happens inside the private Facebook group

how it works:

  • You fill out the form below to begin
  • DIY is $99/month and requires a 3-month initial commitment
  • after your first 3 months, your membership becomes month-to-month and you can cancel at any time- no questions asked.
  • DIY members get priority in upgrading to full coaching if desired

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