Business Development

bring your ideas to life

like hiring a biz bestie, but better.

Best for questions like “what the actual f*ck am I doing?


If you’re talking yourself in circles and keep getting in your own way, Business Development was designed for you.


Most business support requires you to master a specific system or curriculum that wasn’t designed for you or your business.


You end up with a to-do list that has nothing to do with what you need.


Once it ends, you’re more confused than before and are left to spin your wheels again.


But you’re not interested in learning someone else’s system, blueprint, or method to business- you’re trying to create and conquer your own.


You already know how confusing, isolating, and overwhelming business can be- it’s why you’re reading this right now.


Maybe you’re trying to work out the kinks of your business with your partner, your biz besties, or even your mom.

your mission is important.

of course you're craving structured support.

enter: business development

We collaborate to define how you want your business to work, function, and feel.


We take a 360-degree view of your personal life + your business dreams and goals, and develop an action plan that will bring your ideas to life without sacrificing your sanity or values.


We cut through the extra noise, pressure, and bullshit and get you deeply rooted in your own methods and unique process.


Whether you’ve just started training clients in your garage,
are expanding into a training facility, or freaking out because you’re 100% online & terrified of screwing it all up, Development can give you, your business, and your goals  the “zhuzh” you’re looking for without compromising your values or sanity.

we get you out of your own way.

Development is for you if you’re saying things like:

  • “I don’t know what to post on social media.”
  • “I don’t know what to charge.”
  • “I lose money when a client cancels a session.”
  • “I’m working 7 days a week and have no money to show for it.”
  • “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing- when does it start working?”

Together, we will:

  • Develop or revamp your services, packages, and offers so they fit seamlessly into your life while helping you reach your business goals

  • Define your marketing messages & unique content strategy so you can confidently and consistently show up

  • Outline your sales process so that you spend less time worrying if you’re doing it “right” and spend more time actually making sales

  • Equip you with mindset tools to ease the self-doubt spirals that keep slowing you down

How development works:

All business development clients begin with 8 weeks of support.

First, we begin by assessing where you’re at with an initial intake form.

We look at your personal life, your schedule, your business mission and goals.

We then collaborate on creating a unique-to-you plan that fits into your life so that your business approach makes logical sense for you.

Our sessions will be spent addressing your unique road blocks and developing your customized approach to business.

Month 1: one 90-minute session + one 60-minute session
Month 2: up to three 60-minute sessions

You also get:
-unlimited access to weekly office hours (Voxer)


After our initial two months, clients have the option to continue with implementation support.

Implementation support includes:

  • Up to 90-minutes of meetings per month
  • Unlimited access to weekly office hours  (Voxer)
  • 1x/monthly update to Development Blueprint

$400-700 per month, sliding scale,
2-month block required with each renewal

Our rates reflect our desire to offer affordable, longterm support for clients who seeks deep and meaningful mentorship.

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to inquire about development, fill out the form below

We hold limited spots for development clients & often have a waitlist. It’s worth the wait.