Like hiring a temporary boss that doesn't suck.

Need someone to just tell you what to do?
Not forever, just for a bit?

That’s what consulting is.

You’re clear on your bigger mission. Your sights are set on the next big milestone or transition and you want to make sure you’re not about to screw it all up.

We’ll gather pertinent info about you and the business and develop preliminary recommendations.

I tell you what to do, what to avoid, what to add, where to invest, how to spend your time, who to hire next, what’s worth your time and what’s not.

Consulting is reserved for established businesses only.

We define “established business” as:

  • minimum 3 years of profit and loss statements
  • a defined sales process
  • defined streams of revenue
  • clear on the business mission, vision, and values


You will be asked to summarize your sales process within the application.
 If you are unclear about your sales process, we still encourage you to inquire. In return, we may suggest Coaching and Development options which may better suit your needs.

To read more about Coaching and Development options now, click here.

how strategy works:

All consulting clients begin with an 8-week container.
Month 1:
-You submit a comprehensive intake form 2 weeks prior to your first call
-Two 2-hour calls.
-I map out preliminary recommendations & perform a thorough business analysis using information from month 1,
and we dive into the recommendations during month 2.
Month 2: 
-Two 90-minute calls
We go over the recommendations and analysis, and begin discussing implementations and action plans.
We’ll break this up however we need to over the two 90-minute calls.
 You also get:
-Unlimited access to weekly office hours (Voxer)
-Access to the best referral network in the biz
-Profit Accelerator (valued at $1500)
payment plan available upon request- 2 monthly payments of $1375
Strategy clients may choose to continue with implementation support after the initial 8-weeks.
Implementation support includes:
  • up to (2) 60-minute calls per month (up to your discretion, price does not change)
  • unlimited access to Voxer office hours

$400-$750 per month
sliding scale

To inquire, fill out the form below

Inquiring does not commit you to anything. We do not take on clients that we are not 100% confident that we can support. This form is intended to begin the conversation & see if we are a good fit for one another.