Mastering Instagram Does Not Guarantee Business Success

It’s easier to see things when we’re not in them- so looking at unrelated markets to help make sense of your market/business can be super enlightening. Business is happening all around us at all times. Most of my business clients come to me with a graveyard of coaches and courses they’ve purchased and still cannot make zero sense of their … Read More

3 Signs It’s Time to Re-Design Your Business Model

Your “business model” is the way you set up your business- it includes things beyond content creation, IG optics, and vanity metrics. It includes things like: how your clients pay you, with what terms, and in exchange for what? It includes your offer suite and how each service operates. It includes how people move from the day they meet you … Read More

[biz 58] When Life Poops On Your Head

  It happens to all of us- the sky opens up and BAM- buckets of poop come pouring down on top of you. Such is life. We can’t prevent the crap from falling from the sky, but we can start to cultivate a “system” rooted in self-trust that helps us triage our life when things get a bit sticky. This … Read More

How to Handle Scheduled, Recurring Sessions in Business

Look at your scheduled, recurring time. Now, question it. → Do your clients actually require this level of support, or are you recreating what someone else does? Does it work for you? Where did this structure of your offer/services come from? Being a business owner requires ingenuity and innovation. Regurgitating what you’ve seen time and time again, structuring your business … Read More

Communication Strategies to Save Time in Business

Communication in your business breaks down because of 1 of 2 reasons. It sounds benign, AND you might think this isn’t an issue for you– but I can assure you, if you feel that your business is swallowing you whole, there is room for improvement with your communication with your clients. The two reasons are: 1. You don’t know what … Read More