123: Feeling Obsessed With Food? Here’s Why. (I Thought About Dieting and Didn’t Want to Stop Eating)

Ever notice how when you’re either about to go on a diet or are already on a diet, you suddenly become obsessed with food?

There’s a reason.

And I experienced it again for the first time in almost a decade.

This is how and why intentional weight loss will not work long term. We intentionally lose weight by creating a caloric deficit over time. Intentionally restricting food sets off our innate alarms that say “whoa! Something is up!” And so, in an effort to stay alive, your body lowers its metabolism to preserve itself AND becomes obsessed with food.

Ever notice how when you’re on a diet, you end up with odd food rituals? You end up staring at the clock wondering when you can eat again, you end up trying to come up with odd concoctions to feel less hungry, and you begin to fantasize about food all of the time? THERE IS A REASON WHY. And it has nothing to do with dedication, or will-power. You will never outsmart your body’s biological drive to keep you alive.

The examples I give in this episode seem odd- however, they are real experiences. The tricky part is, is that once we’ve dieting for long enough, our brain becomes incredibly sensitive to any warning signs that food might become scarce.

Here’s a link to an article regarding the Minnesota Starvation Study.

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