122: Whatever Size and Shape Your Body Takes When You Are Taking the Best Care of Yourself is the Size and Shape Your Body is Supposed to Be

“Whatever size and shape your body takes when you are taking the best care of yourself is the size and shape your body is supposed to be.” -Christina Montalvo

Yes. I quoted myself in my own show notes. I just didn’t want anyone to get it twisted that these are my words 😉

I cover a lot in this episode- so much so that each of the following bullet points could be teased out into their own episode. This is the answer I give to a lot of women- almost daily, in fact. But, this statement either confuses people, upsets them, or piques their interest enough to get their attention, but it seems that most people don’t even know what to *do* with the sentiment itself. The issue, at its core, is that we don’t even know what taking good care of ourself means if it’s not somehow attached to weight loss or a specific size and shape of our body.

In this episode, I cover:

-Why I think strength training is the best form of exercise as it positively impacts our quality of life outside of the gym, no matter what season of life we are in

-Using exercise as a means to an end (why you keep quitting)

-Unfortunately, there are parts of intention weight loss that *do* have utility- not because of the contingencies, but because of the practice. Exercise, fruits, vegetables, water, and lean protein are good for you. We ruin it with external expectations of weight loss and body size manipulation

-If losing weight happens as a natural byproduct of you taking care of yourself, so be it. But same with weight gain and same with no body change at all

-Anti dieting is not anti health. Period. Stop it.

-Anti dieting and intuitive eating is the exact opposite of dieting in that its goal is to reconnect your brain to your body. Dieting disconnects our brain from our body

-Rebelling against healthful foods in the name of “I’m not dieting!” is just as bad as dieting- you’re not listening to your body!

-Before and after-photos + measurements as a form of feedback are teaching us that a smaller body is a better body

-Eating like an asshole can be depriving yourself of foods that you enjoy, restricting calories, but also eating with no regard to your nourishment, fuel, etc.

-Do not comment on anyone’s weight loss. Ever. Stop it.

-Why we do what we do is far more important than the thing itself

-Disregarding your hunger is as weird as trying to hold your pee as long as possible. It’s not useful, not helpful, it’s unnatural- and it needs to stop

-The season of life you are in is going to change the way that you define self-care. This is normal. Be OK with this. Intentional weight loss will tell you that this is not OK. It is OK.

-Dieting has no regard to your mental health. Your mental health will dictate your level of self care.

-What is primal hunger and how it changes how we eat

-Bloating is a normal physiological process to eating. We need to normalize bloating

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