Work With Me

There are currently two ways to work with me- and trust me, either of these options will rock your world.

Personalized Diet Audit — Don’t eat carbs too close before bed, don’t eat too many carbs, don’t eat pizza. Sound familiar? Sick of trying to employ every single food rule you’ve ever learned, only to lose weight, cave when you smell those homemade cookies and stuff your face for weeks on end until you’re ready to “be good” with your eating again? Get in on this while there are still spots open! A personalized, intensive deep-dive into what you’re eating, why you’re eating it, and how to approach your eating in a whole new way.

Body Confidence Bootcamp  — Constantly calling yourself fat and feeling gross and not sure what to do about it? You need this. Like, yesterday. A self-paced, DIY course to heal your relationship with your body. 7 video trainings, with guides and journal prompts to set your soul on fire like never before.